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TCPR Fall 2017

----------Rose----------By Josh Penzone

Rose looked in the rearview mirror at the road leading out of the cul-de-sac, away from Lance Reynolds’ pristine landscaping to someplace broken and more familiar. “If I had a gun, I’d drive away,” her mother sang. There was something hateful in Diana Jones’ vocals and Rose couldn’t bear to listen as her mother’s voice blended perfectly with Jones’ sullen pitch. What unnerved Rose was that Belle, her mother, couldn’t carry a tune, not even “Happy Birthday,” but when it came to Jones’ haunting ballad, Belle’s voice was right on key. Rose looked at the “For Sale” sign...

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---------Stillborn-------By Charity Reed

My mother may as well have been dead The first moments of my life.                       She never pushed. Not even once.             But she pushed and pushed from that day on.                                                                                                                                           I lie still and know                                        I’m breathing.                                    Thoughts land on my mind                                      And die from the heat                     there—the light                       Too lazy to hold anything long.                No need to push                                         The world in motion. No reason...

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----We Set Fire to--- Conviction By  Thomas Vollman

Harlan Roll was a bad-ass. He used to talk about how, growing-up, he and the kids from his block would fight with batteries in their hands... Harlan always wore a drop fade with a ramp top, and there was usually something cut into it—a swirl or some stars or something. He’d spend most of his time in the art room, and had quit football to concentrate on wrestling. He only ever dated white girls—ones who were already in college. Sometimes, he’d come to wrestling practice wearing their...

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War Readiness
By Lucas Shepherd

On my general’s base
Are many drone pilots.

I go to prepare for them
Six New Generation Heaters

Capable of 400,000 BTU output
On their highest...


The Palace
By Timothy Krinton

Lost notions of wind
Are the flick of watered flames
Quickening with...