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About Mentoring

In an age of shortened attention spans and distractions, the Critical Pass Review, is dedicated to raising general awareness on the part of prospective writers and readers, of the importance of poetry as an art form, an exercise of the intellect, and an act of the imagination.  To this effect, we host two poetry competitions per year, one for the Critical Poets Award for exceptional poetry by adult poets and one for the Junior Critical Poets Award for exceptional poetry by minors. Entrants in the Critical Junior Poets Contest, are mentored by one or more of our staff members in poetry formulation, structure, development, and editing methodologies, and have access to exceptional learning resources in our learning library before making final submissions.


Each entrant in the Critical Junior Poets Contest and his or her school receives a free one-year subscription to the Critical Pass Review and the winner receives, among other things, a monetary prize and publication of his or her work in the Critical Pass Review.  For more details about our poetry competitions including, without limitation, terms, conditions, and submission guidelines, please see the competition guidelines.