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Poetry, Fiction, & Articles

Diagnosis by Meryl McQueen
Earthly Accord by Justin Hale
First Blood At Chancellorsville by Scott Ward
Fishing by Alex Greenberg
Kami by Wilson Tanning
Kitchen Sestina by Michelle Chen
Moon Range by Sarah Kahn
Stillborn by Charity Reed
Strawberries by Marc Berman
Terra Nullius by Sarah Kahn
The Mirror by James Clapper
The Palace by Timothy Krinton
The Waiting Room by Jennifer Flen
The Scarecrow by Robert Decker
The Wayward Feast by Timothy Krinton
Tips of the Rake by Alex Greenberg
War Readiness by Lucas Shepherd
Cloud Diary by Steve Mitchell
Not John by Mark Jacobs
Rose by Josh Penzone
Sara by Mary Post
Spangle of Quafe by Jon Pearson
The Banyan Tree by Adreyo Sen
The Fall by Kim Venkataraman
The Night of Grandpa’s Chest by Craig Loomis
The Riverbanks Are Dark by Scott Selden
We Set Fire to Conviction by Thomas Vollman
The Poetry of Reconstitution: Finding Poetry in the Myths of the Tangible by TCPR
Barnes & Noble: Sorting the Fate of Publishing by Catherine Dronen
The Reader Review Paradigm Shift by Senu Johnson

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