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Magazine Submissions


The Critical Pass Review is published in interactive eBook format twice a year and presents unique and exceptional poetry, prose, and visual artwork in each issue. For this reason, please do not submit previously published work or work not thoroughly edited.

Submissions are accepted and read year round.  Please do not submit more than once while a submission decision is outstanding.  The average response time for submissions is between three and six months, but we make every effort to respond to all submissions within three to four months of receipt.

The Critical Pass Review does not accept submissions by email or mail.  To submit to The Critical Pass Review, click on the “Submit” button below; it will direct you to our portal. Creating an account is free, and by logging into your submissions manager, you can easily keep track of all of your submissions to us. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable as long as we are notified immediately if the manuscript is accepted for publication elsewhere.  If you wish to withdraw a prose submission or any poem from our consideration, do so by using your Submittable account; if you are withdrawing only certain poems, please add a note to your submission listing the titles of works that are no longer available for consideration.

Please also see the additional parameters under the Poetry and Prose or Visual Artwork heading, as applicable in the case of your submission.

Submit one short story (up to 5,000 words), one excerpt of a larger work of fiction (up to 10 pages), or up to five poems (for a maximum of 10 pages) in any one submission. All poetry should be formatted and submitted in a single document (uploading and submitting multiple individual poems will result in the appearance of multiple submissions). We accept free and formal verse poetry alike. As The Critical Pass Review is published in English, please make sure that works not in English are accompanied by a proper translation. The translator is responsible for all author and publisher permissions regarding the original work.

For visual artwork, including without limitation, photography, paintings, and drawings, submit up to five pieces in any one submission. We request that you submit any art in .jpeg (or .jpg), .png, or .pdf format.

In making a submission, you acknowledge and agree that your submission is made in accordance with the guidelines posted on this page and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions posted on, as may be amended from time-to-time.

Once you have submitted your work, please be sure to add The Critical Pass Review‘s email address ( to your email provider’s safe list so that you can receive correspondence from us.

After you have submitted, you will be able to check on the status of your submission at any time within your account.  If it has been longer than six months since you have submitted and you have not received a response from us regarding the status of your submission, you may contact us for an update at editors@criticalpassreview or by using the form on our Contact page.

Simply put, we evaluate submissions for a uniqueness of vision and the subtleties attendant on a depth of craft. We look for fresh, original poetry, fiction, and visual artwork of the highest caliber. As works are considered on merit, we welcome submissions by new and experienced contributors alike.

The Critical Pass Review pays one contributor’s copy. The Critical Pass Review acquires First North American Serial Rights to published works, which means that copyright for any works published in The Critical Pass Review revert to the author upon publication. As part of the journal’s publication contract, we request and obtain your permission to feature published works or excerpts on The Critical Pass Review‘s website and in its advertising.

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